Wilde Pedique is a treatment to correct and reconstruct toenails.

Wilde Pedique is a light cured (UV-A light) resin developed specifically for toenails. It is extremely flexible, grows out with the nail and can be attached for up to 6-8 weeks. Unlike acrylic and other gel types it will not damage the toenail due to its flexible properties.The resin has the ability to bond to a toenails surface, add strength and once hardened has a glossy finish.

Included in the ingredients is Piroctone Olamine, which is a slow release anti-fungal agent. It will not cure a fungal nail but it will stop it from worsening.

Who would want treatment?

Nails damaged by trauma; this could be trauma during sports, a tight shoe or dropping an object on the nail etc. The nail becomes bruised and may result in the nail being lost temporarily.  Wilde Pedique can be applied when the nail comes off as a prosthetic nail. This will protect the new nail and prevent an ingrown toenail and also look more cosmetically pleasing.

Fungal nails;they can look discoloured and become thickened. Wilde Pedique can be applied to cover the nail making them look more natural.

Nails that have regrown after nail surgery. If there is some regrowth after nail surgery the nail can be rebulit with Wilde Pedique making the nail look natural again.

The treatment can last up to 8 weeks so is a perfect treatment to last over the summer months or when away and the feet are exposed.

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